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Are you getting an excellent pay rate, feel valued & getting plenty of work?

If not contact Red Box Teachers now!

We are always recruiting for experienced SEN Teaching Assistants and Teaching Assistants that have BSL.  All of our schools are easily accessible via London Underground and Overground services.  We have amazing schools that offer lots of support. 

We are looking for teachers to cover PPA and class teaching roles.  If you are looking for a change or a new career in a great school with a great agency get in touch.  

If you;

  • have the skills, proven track record, patience and ability to work with SEN children
  • can commit to long term placements i.e. attend work 5 days per week
  • have a good work record and work ethic
  • have outstanding 'provable' references from previous placements
  • have worked for at least 1 year with SEN children
  • have an excellent understanding of the needs and requirements of SEN children

We all know living and working in London is expensive so as a small agency we make sure you receive an excellent pay rate (call us for a comparison and see how much you will earn with Red Box, we think you will be amazed) you will also teach at some great schools, get easy clear directions and support from us when you need it!  Sound good?  We;

  • Offer excellent daily rates of pay 
  • Work with dynamic, multi-cultural and supportive school
  • Give easy directions and transport link information
  • Offer great customer service, we listen, support and work for you!

Call us on 01932 247000 or email your CV to

Red Box Teachers the agency that works for you and puts more money in your pocket, wallet, purse... you get the idea!

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Veritas Education

Jessica Owen,   
9.3 out of 10
From the beginning I have had a great experience with Veritas! The staff are all positive and personable, there are endless opportunities available and they take into account the daily commute along with your preferences when finding you a role! Within a week of moving back to London I had my dream role in a lovely and supportive school only a short commute from my flat in Central London - I did not get the same experience at a different agency last year. [...]

Veritas Education

Despina Patsika,   
9.7 out of 10
I have been working with Veritas for almost a year now and I would strongly recommend this agency. They matched me with a school I absolutely love and it was exactly what I was looking for. The communication is excellent, they are quick to respond and listen to you, honest and kind. [...]

Veritas Education

9.0 out of 10
Veritas deserves to be rated as "the best" ! The management and especially the most professional team in London . I definitely recommend Veritas to work for. I used to work for them as a teacher since January 2019 and I have been experienced a very good company . [...]

Veritas Education

Naira De Almeida,   
7.9 out of 10
Working with Veritas has been an amazing experience, they have guided me through a great path in starting my teaching career. Mostly, they are very helpful, easy to contact & communicate with. I highly [...]

Veritas Education

Mehek Ahmed,   
9.0 out of 10
This is an amazing agency to work for and everyone is really helpful, making sure you get the work you are looking for. Im looking forward to working for them soon when the lockdown is eased.

Veritas Education

N E Standing,   
10.0 out of 10
I have had a very positive experience since signing up to work with Veritas last November. I left full time teaching to pursue a new freelance career so was only looking to work in schools for two or three days a week. [...]

Veritas Education

Loraine Cristalina da Costa Rodrigues,   
8.7 out of 10
The Veritas team has been exceptionally supportive to me and very warm as well. I have enjoyed being associated with the team.

Veritas Education

Amarjit Lall,   
9.7 out of 10
Veritas has always been very helpful and attentive to my needs with regards to finding me a position which was an excellent match within a week of registration. Once in employment they called me regularly to find out if I was happy in my place of work and always answered any queries I may have had regarding my work. [...]

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