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We are currently recruiting for an experienced Reception Teacher for our wonderful school in East London.  Easily accessible from the tube and an excellent supportive school!

Along with a Reception Teacher we are also seeking experienced SEN Teaching Assistants.  You need to;

  • have the skills, proven track record, patience and ability to work with SEN children
  • can commit to long term placements i.e. attend work 5 days per week
  • have a good work record and work ethic
  • have outstanding 'provable' references from previous placements
  • have worked for at least 1 year with SEN children
  • have an excellent understanding of the needs and requirements of SEN children

We all know living and working in London is expensive so as a small agency we make sure you receive an awesome pay rate (call us for a pay comparison and find out how much more you will earn working with us), teach at great schools, get easy clear directions and support from us when you need it!  Sound good?  We;

  • Offer excellent daily rates of pay 
  • Work with dynamic, multi-cultural and supportive school
  • Give easy directions and transport link information
  • Offer great customer service, listen and support you

Call us on 01932 247000 or email your CV to

Red Box Teachers the agency that works for you and puts more money in your pocket, wallet, purse... you get the idea!! 

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Started with an amazing consultant, Gargee, who was incredible and very understanding about my disability. Very honest and tried to get me as much work as possible that suited me. After she left things went down hill. [...]

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I have been very impressed by TARA. I had only specific dates where I could work and Rachel was able to find me work during that period. I also knew in advance where it was so could plan my week and was well prepared. [...]

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Patrick Wauters,   
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I write this review because I want you to know that recruiters from So Smart can be very rude and disrespectful. I am experienced and qualified, so I applied. You will agree that So Smart have a very powerful marketing: "An agency by teachers, for teachers". [...]

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Andrew Mottram,   
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Tara is full of very friendly, helpful and organised people who strive to fill my diary as much as possible. They have supported massively in me exploring the opportunity of teaching and although work was slow at the start things are building as I develop a reputation. [...]

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Veritas is a great and professional agency to work with. They are an extremely knowledgeable team, honest and have your best interests in mind, I would highly recommend Veritas. The agency is very efficienant and reliable. [...]

Veritas Education

Jo crosby,   
7.9 out of 10
Love the school I work in however pay is lower than my previous agency . Staff are good to deal with and respond to emails promptly

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