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Rate My Teaching Agency is a niche service with visitors from a specific target market. Within this group, our users have diverse backgrounds. Two-thirds of visitors are currently in the UK, sharing their agency experiences and possibly seeking out other agency options. Another 25%+ are visitors from Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand likely seeking employment opportunities. Visitors from over 30 other countries make up the remaining portion of RMTA’s traffic.

This page gives a brief overview of our site statistics and advertising options.

Site Vitals
RMTA has been in operation since January of 2011. It has quickly gained the attention of the teaching community and our statistics reveal an interested audience willing to spend time on and click through the site. In it’s second year, RMTA grew by 280% over it’s first year visitor numbers. Below is a one-month sample of statistics:


Google keyword statistics show that many visitors reach RMTA via searches for the “best” agency. Most agencies listed on the site have had users land on our site through searches on their specific agency. Here is a sample of agencies our visitors “Googled” before arriving at RMTA:

Advertising Options

List your Agency & Premium Listings

List your agency for £20 per month, add a direct link to your Agency’s website and contact details on the Agency rankings page for an additional £10 per month. This allows users to quickly make contact without leaving the page.

Banner Ads

The most common form of advertising, these image spaces allow you to deliver eye-catching content that links to your site.

Top of Page

These banner ads are displayed at the top of the screen and are 310 x 90px wide on a standard desktop view.

Mid-Home Page

These banner ads are displayed at the top of the screen and are 263 x 76px wide on a standard desktop view.

All artwork for banner ads must be supplied in jpg or png format.  We recommend to send your banner ad at a size of 310 x 90 px.

Custom Ads

Featured Interview
This exciting form of advertising is bound to catch your audience’s attention. Inform your audience without having them click a link and leave the site they are already on. Featured interviews involve an interview between RMTA and your company. Your featured interview will appear in our blog section and will also appear on our homepage. Each interview is unique and we will work with you to take yours in the direction you would like it to go. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Include up to 4 text links in your interview
  • Include up to 2 pictures
  • Interview will appear on the homepage for 1 month. This can be renewed at your request
  • Interview will appear in the site’s blog for a minimum of 1 year
  • Interview will be advertised by RMTA on Facebook and Twitter


Please contact us if you wish to place a Banner Ad or Featured interview as I am sure we can accommodate an Ad that will suit your marketing budget.


Job Ads

£25 per ad per week

£40 per ad for two weeks

And £75 per ad for 1 month

Jobs Ads cannot be changed once the ad has been submitted.

How to Purchase
To keep the purchasing process simple, please contact us.  We can then arrange payment.

To ensure the highest level of online security we use the Stripe checkout system. A Stripe account is not required for credit or debit card payments.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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