Agency Rankings

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Forward Teaching

10.0 out of 10
30 Ratings
Incredibly happy with Forward Teaching, they have been so welcoming and supportive through my first experience of working in a school. Lottie has always been available to help and guide me. Totally recommend Forward Teaching. [...]
Elizabeth Jimenez -

Redbox Teacher Recruitment

9.8 out of 10
344 Ratings
I love working with Redbox- they are an amazing team with wonderful people! They are always flexible and supportive. I highly recommend this agency.
Momtaz Begum -

Thames Teachers

9.7 out of 10
137 Ratings
A truly fabulous agency! Hannah and the rest of the team are incredibly efficient, hardworking and super lovely to work with. My experience has been excellent! Would highly recommend!!
Fiona Noone -

Hourglass Education

9.7 out of 10
75 Ratings
Hourglass have been more than helpful in finding me a suitable role. They have been friendly and professional. Maria especially has gone above and beyond to make sure that I’ve been happy where I’ve been placed, and her level of communication and dedication has helped me feel comfortable to call her with any queries or issues – which have been quickly dealt with. [...]
Natalie Faulkner -

Teachweb Secondary

9.5 out of 10
74 Ratings
I [...]
Ed -
Vibe Teachers

Vibe Teacher Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
209 Ratings
The type of work I wished to do was quite specfic and I was not ready to hear anybody tell me I could not do it. Thankfully, Vibe teaching found something and I could not be happier. This is my first time going to a teaching agency and the first place they find for me is a success. [...]
Paul -

Impact Teachers

9.4 out of 10
136 Ratings
I would definitely recommend Impact Teachers. They always have work for me and are really helpful. I can’t fault them. Thank you Impact!
Lisa Donnelly -

Tara Professional Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
111 Ratings
Tara is a first-class agency and the best I have worked for during my many years of teaching even though I have worked for some very good agencies in the past. The staff are understanding, professional, organised and very personable. [...]
Frances Tinembart -

Veritas Education

9.2 out of 10
89 Ratings
Overall it has been a really positive experience working with Veritas, (specifically with Leighton). They are an extremely knowledgeable group, are up front and honest and really have your best interests in mind, which I really appreciated. [...]
Amy -

Vision Teaching

9.0 out of 10
152 Ratings
Surely recommend this agency, very helpful to get me through the paperwork and deliver what it promised. Carley D. was very easy to liaise with as both exceptionally professional and friendly, adding a touch of 'personal' to the signing up process. [...]
danilo di emidio -

Aspire People

8.9 out of 10
365 Ratings
Amanda Afzal is an amazing recruitment consultant. She is easy to approach, down to earth and really takes your circumstances into account when finding potential jobs. I would recommend her to any potential teacher/ cover supervisor looking for work in the education industry. [...]
Mr Irfan Gadiali -

ASQ Education

8.8 out of 10
43 Ratings
Working with ASQ with Jessica has been a pleasure, great service, dependable and reliable. My first time finding work through an agency and I do not feel let down, everything explained well all steps taken correctly and their for support if needed and not interfering at all. [...]
Ben Laryea -

Just Teachers

8.1 out of 10
82 Ratings
An excellent agency to work for. They take care to offer suitable work , they are professional, friendly and supportive. They offer opportunities for professional development, and they do not pressure you to take work that you are uncertain about. [...]
Claire Atha -

CER Education

8.0 out of 10
214 Ratings
Liv at CER has always been extremely helpful and supportive in finding me work to fit around my various commitments, whether day-to-day or on a longer term basis. She is always understanding and approachable, and in the last 12 months I have done more work for CER than with the other agency I am registered with. [...]
Shabnam -

Supply Desk

7.8 out of 10
128 Ratings
I have worked for Supply Desk for three months. I was totally happy with how Abbie and her team supported me throughout. I am looking forward to working again with Abbie and her team.
Ann Scott -

ITN Mark

7.7 out of 10
70 Ratings
CPSS Birmingham Don't bother! They have their favourites and if you are not one of them, they only call when they have rung up all their mates and got the brush off. Only good point - they pay a fair wage. [...]
Jenny Jenkins -

World Class Teachers

7.7 out of 10
29 Ratings
I was returning to reaching after 12 years out. Puja was fantastic, she guided me through the whole process and get me into work with ease. I have found all the staff to be kind, considerate and professional, the worked hard to match my work days and requirements. [...]
Richard -

Academic Appointments

7.7 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Registered with quite a few agencies & Academics provided me with lots of work. I was on a long term post and have now got a permanent position with that school. Slightly less pay than some agencies due to umbrella company taking a cut. [...]
Sarah -
Career Teachers

Career Teachers

7.5 out of 10
154 Ratings
They are not honest and the consultants are not prepared for their job/work. And the result overall is wasting the teacher's time with fake promises not honoured. Not recommended.
Miky -

Apollo Teaching Services

7.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
I have registered with the Reading Branch in March 2017. The registration process was quick and easy and the team has been so helpful since. Thank you and looking forward to many more placements. L
Laura Sampson -

PPA Education

7.3 out of 10
55 Ratings
PPA Education Limited is a very excellent Teaching or Education agency that offers brilliant high quality services with a high level of customer care or support. PPA Education Limited helped me in my time of need and the assignments or work I was given really sustained me and eventually led to the full time or permanent employment that I enjoy now. [...]
Emeka -

Tradewind Recruitment

7.1 out of 10
107 Ratings
I would also like to add a special thanks to Emily and Matt of the South East Tradewind team for looking after me. Thanks guys
Peter P -

Servoca Education Resourcing

6.9 out of 10
40 Ratings
Dont trust them. This is the worst agency ever. They went to my old employers and asked really personal questions.about me.
Diane -

Classroom Teachers

6.8 out of 10
37 Ratings
Excellent agency! Helpful and efficient, which is great, but best of all, they listen to the their clients - teachers and schools alike - and try to match them for the clients' benefit rather than just to make a quick buck. [...]
David May -

TimePlan Education

6.5 out of 10
116 Ratings
I am currently a supply placement teacher at Thurso High School through Timeplan. As I write this we are approaching the mid-term break. I have settled into Thurso H.S., and am preparing for the second half of the spring term. [...]
Shimon de Valencia -

Smart Teachers

6.5 out of 10
79 Ratings
I have been registered with smart teachers for 10 years. Initially when looking for full time placement, they provided me with some casual and excellent contract opportunities. Recently I wished to return to teaching after a 5 year break and I was sent an email with a teaching position that looked really good. [...]
John -

Sugarman Recruitment

6.3 out of 10
36 Ratings
First time in my life I’m asking agency for my money. I’m working with them 4th week and I still don’t have money for first week!!! This is joke. I’m gonna report them!!! Of course empty promises [...]
Karolina Zemla -

Teaching Personnel

6.2 out of 10
231 Ratings
I cannot believe how quickly this agency found me a position, under a week of registering with them. A position that I absolutely love, in fact its the best job that I have had. I really can't thank them enough for all their time and help. [...]
Jennie Frewin -

SANZA Teaching

6.1 out of 10
28 Ratings
Thoroughly enjoyed working with Sanza, I was given a role almost immediately after signing with them, in which I have now been asked to be with the school full time, permanently. Paige and everyone was amazing to work with, she put my needs first and made me feel important and valued. [...]
Shaneki Martin -

Destination Education

5.7 out of 10
52 Ratings
Excellent agency! I managed to have work almost every day with them and finally this year, I managed to become a permanent member of staff in one of the schools they've sent me! Honest always and kind [...]

Protocol Education

5.5 out of 10
145 Ratings
Worked for them some years back. Initially very friendly but they struggled to find me cover positions that were suitable. I got sent to a primary school despite being secondary only & I didn’t like it. [...]
Chris -

Hays Education

5.5 out of 10
66 Ratings
Worst agency to work with! Do not work with this agency, you are better off with Redbox/Vision. (Daily rates are better and the staff are amazing.) I have worked with HAYS for 4 years and the first 2 years were amazing, Adriana was my consultant and she left I was then given XXX The management is poor. [...]
Tasnim -

Randstad Education

5.4 out of 10
56 Ratings
I am delighted I joined Randstad education Crawley Branch I am always dealt with by helpful and enthusiastic staff. They are really appreciative of my other duties as a carer, and happily make way for that. [...]
Jacqui Weller -

Synarbor Education

5.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Friendly, professional, having your best interests at heart. My experience is they are up-front and honest; which is a refreshing change. Great to work for.
Andrew Croft -

A Star Teachers

5.3 out of 10
17 Ratings
A real waste of time and a group of liars. No work at all no matter the degrees or the experience. Definitely not recommended.
Miky -

Remedy Recruitment Group

5.0 out of 10
18 Ratings
Great and effective teaching agency. My consultant is Natalie Abel.She is professional ,friendly and great to work with. Natalie offered me the job I really like and enjoy.Thank you Natalie.
Joanna Kujawska -