Agency Rankings

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Forward Teaching

10.0 out of 10
27 Ratings
Great service, found me a fantastic job that I love.
Josh Allen -

Redbox Teacher Recruitment

9.8 out of 10
334 Ratings
It was wonderful working with Red box.
Mohona Akther -

Thames Teachers

9.7 out of 10
137 Ratings
A truly fabulous agency! Hannah and the rest of the team are incredibly efficient, hardworking and super lovely to work with. My experience has been excellent! Would highly recommend!!
Fiona Noone -

Hourglass Education

9.7 out of 10
75 Ratings
Hourglass have been more than helpful in finding me a suitable role. They have been friendly and professional. Maria especially has gone above and beyond to make sure that I’ve been happy where I’ve been placed, and her level of communication and dedication has helped me feel comfortable to call her with any queries or issues – which have been quickly dealt with. [...]
Natalie Faulkner -

Teachweb Secondary

9.5 out of 10
74 Ratings
I [...]
Ed -
Vibe Teachers

Vibe Teacher Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
177 Ratings
I have now started full time at my school in Putney and it is thanks to Phil and the team at Vibe for getting me in there as supply last year. Phil was always positive and supportive and was very helpful in his follow up and support. [...]
Patrick Addis -

Impact Teachers

9.4 out of 10
133 Ratings
I have been very pleased with Impact Teachers so far. When I first went to the office in Clapham junction, I was greeted with a friendly lady called Frida. She was extremely informative. It was in no time at all that I had some interviews lined up. [...]
Dalia Felton -

Tara Professional Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
105 Ratings
My experience with Tara has been wonderful. Only one day after doing the interview, I started working for them. Working for Tara gave me the opportunity to get to know different schools and for one of them to offer me a permanent position. [...]
José Luján -

Veritas Education

9.3 out of 10
75 Ratings
Positive experience with veritas. (London). Leighton was great with my registration process and putting me in a school that I felt comfortable in.
Amele -

Vision Teaching

9.0 out of 10
152 Ratings
Surely recommend this agency, very helpful to get me through the paperwork and deliver what it promised. Carley D. was very easy to liaise with as both exceptionally professional and friendly, adding a touch of 'personal' to the signing up process. [...]
danilo di emidio -

Aspire People

8.9 out of 10
365 Ratings
Amanda Afzal is an amazing recruitment consultant. She is easy to approach, down to earth and really takes your circumstances into account when finding potential jobs. I would recommend her to any potential teacher/ cover supervisor looking for work in the education industry. [...]
Mr Irfan Gadiali -

ASQ Education

8.8 out of 10
43 Ratings
Working with ASQ with Jessica has been a pleasure, great service, dependable and reliable. My first time finding work through an agency and I do not feel let down, everything explained well all steps taken correctly and their for support if needed and not interfering at all. [...]
Ben Laryea -

Just Teachers

8.1 out of 10
82 Ratings
An excellent agency to work for. They take care to offer suitable work , they are professional, friendly and supportive. They offer opportunities for professional development, and they do not pressure you to take work that you are uncertain about. [...]
Claire Atha -

CER Education

8.0 out of 10
213 Ratings
I have worked for CER Leeds since September and specifically with Liv and have worked in one school since then. I have found Liv to be very helpful, honest and very good at coming back to me and keeping in touch. [...]
Carole Rackstraw -

Supply Desk

7.7 out of 10
125 Ratings
Supply Desk were an incredible teaching agency to work under during my first year as an NQT. I had worked with Supply Desk for a total of a year and a half. Within this time, they had always been very supportive; understanding with regard to availability and had taken any 'life situations' at the timw onboard to help cater to my needs without any problems. [...]
Nathan Price -

ITN Mark

7.7 out of 10
70 Ratings
CPSS Birmingham Don't bother! They have their favourites and if you are not one of them, they only call when they have rung up all their mates and got the brush off. Only good point - they pay a fair wage. [...]
Jenny Jenkins -

Academic Appointments

7.7 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Registered with quite a few agencies & Academics provided me with lots of work. I was on a long term post and have now got a permanent position with that school. Slightly less pay than some agencies due to umbrella company taking a cut. [...]
Sarah -
Career Teachers

Career Teachers

7.6 out of 10
153 Ratings
I started working with Career Teachers since 2016, I have never regretted working with them, even I have recommend three of my friends to the agency, when I use to work with primary team then Candice was my consultant, but now I worked with secondary team and Kane Jones is my consultant he is such a fantastic and understanding consultant, he will forever listen to your own side of any issue that occur in any bad situation in school and resolve it amicably. [...]
Yetunde Lawal -

World Class Teachers

7.6 out of 10
28 Ratings
Ms Selina Kishore is fantastic - very professional and competent. This is one of the best teaching agencies in London!
Anastazja Lindop -

Apollo Teaching Services

7.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
I have registered with the Reading Branch in March 2017. The registration process was quick and easy and the team has been so helpful since. Thank you and looking forward to many more placements. L
Laura Sampson -

PPA Education

7.3 out of 10
55 Ratings
PPA Education Limited is a very excellent Teaching or Education agency that offers brilliant high quality services with a high level of customer care or support. PPA Education Limited helped me in my time of need and the assignments or work I was given really sustained me and eventually led to the full time or permanent employment that I enjoy now. [...]
Emeka -

Servoca Education Resourcing

7.1 out of 10
39 Ratings
Rene Gordon was extremely professional and efficient in finding me a full time position in an excellent school. In fact, Rene found me my dream school. If you didn't post this comment, please ignore this email and report. [...]
Rui Carvalho -

Tradewind Recruitment

7.0 out of 10
104 Ratings
Well they started off so well - organised, friendly and helpful. However when I had to say I was unavailable for work on certain days due to my personal health (back operation imminent so working as and when I can, which I clearly stated upon registering with them) they actually shouted at me down the phone and then cut off all contact completely stating that I was 'messing them around' believe it or not! I thought agency/supply work was all about doing days here and there when you could? I've since changed agencies and cannot be happier. [...]
skye865 -

Classroom Teachers

6.7 out of 10
36 Ratings
Strongly recommended to everyone to start your career in life with Classroom Teachers. The best place I've ever work , great understanding and very helpful team. My life, my career and my job it is now better then any other time in my life, thank to Classrooms Teachers. [...]
Sebastian -

Sugarman Recruitment

6.7 out of 10
34 Ratings
Bianca mead - She’s an amazing recruiter and very well trained at what she does. The few benifits I found joining Sugarman is that they always make sure I have a placement. Though the placements at time can be unsuitable for myself, Bianca (my consultant) has always pushed me through it and she’s constantly on the ball looking for schools which I’m more suited to. [...]
Khadija Hamza -

TimePlan Education

6.4 out of 10
114 Ratings
Had an awful experience of TimePlan. Got a call from them concerning a short term illness vacancy at one of Londons top schools. They had found my cv and it was my teaching subject. Although I live in the Midlands, and the agency knew this, they wanted to put my name forward to the school. [...]
DM -

Smart Teachers

6.4 out of 10
78 Ratings
Smart Teachers was recommended to me by a friend who had had a positive experience with them, and in particular she recommended Daniel Stuart. I have been with them since the beginning of this year and am extremely happy with the service that has been provided. [...]
Olayinka Armartey -

Teaching Personnel

6.2 out of 10
227 Ratings
I have worked for the Hull branch, in day to day supply, for nearly 3 years now and they are by far the best agency in town. The staff are professional, work is regular and I feel that my consultant Jade knows me and my needs really well - my placements are therefore tailored just right. [...]

SANZA Teaching

6.1 out of 10
28 Ratings
Thoroughly enjoyed working with Sanza, I was given a role almost immediately after signing with them, in which I have now been asked to be with the school full time, permanently. Paige and everyone was amazing to work with, she put my needs first and made me feel important and valued. [...]
Shaneki Martin -

Destination Education

5.7 out of 10
50 Ratings
I cannot recommend Destination highly enough. 100% support from a fantastic team. Especially Aaron, he has help find some amazing roles for me within schools, taking on-board my preferences, giving fab advice and support. [...]
Christine Savory -

A Star Teachers

5.6 out of 10
16 Ratings
Fantastic agency, i have been working through them now for over a year and every aspect of there services are exceptional. They are friendly, hard working, honest and always get me exactly what it is i am looking for. [...]
Harry Johnson -

Protocol Education

5.5 out of 10
144 Ratings
I found this agency to be the most HONEST in the whole of London. When I worked for them I was paid well (main scale pay) and nothing was unfairly taken out of pay check - there was no umbrella company charges or 'Employers NI' to pay. [...]
Annette -

Hays Education

5.5 out of 10
66 Ratings
Worst agency to work with! Do not work with this agency, you are better off with Redbox/Vision. (Daily rates are better and the staff are amazing.) I have worked with HAYS for 4 years and the first 2 years were amazing, Adriana was my consultant and she left I was then given XXX The management is poor. [...]
Tasnim -

Randstad Education

5.4 out of 10
56 Ratings
I am delighted I joined Randstad education Crawley Branch I am always dealt with by helpful and enthusiastic staff. They are really appreciative of my other duties as a carer, and happily make way for that. [...]
Jacqui Weller -

Synarbor Education

5.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Friendly, professional, having your best interests at heart. My experience is they are up-front and honest; which is a refreshing change. Great to work for.
Andrew Croft -

Remedy Recruitment Group

5.0 out of 10
18 Ratings
Great and effective teaching agency. My consultant is Natalie Abel.She is professional ,friendly and great to work with. Natalie offered me the job I really like and enjoy.Thank you Natalie.
Joanna Kujawska -