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Forward Teaching

10.0 out of 10
19 Ratings
I got my first teaching job in the UK thanks to Forward Teaching. Fran was genuinely willing to help me and even gave me some advice to get ready for the interview with the school. I’m glad I chose them and, if I had to, I'd choose them again. [...]
Paola -

Redbox Teacher Recruitment

9.8 out of 10
312 Ratings
I can fully understand why Red Box are rated so highly! They have been super helpful, understanding of my requirements as a parent (I cannot work full time) and completely accommodating. I have received work when I have wanted it as I can only work to 2 days per week. [...]
Juliana -

Hourglass Education

9.7 out of 10
75 Ratings
Hourglass have been more than helpful in finding me a suitable role. They have been friendly and professional. Maria especially has gone above and beyond to make sure that I’ve been happy where I’ve been placed, and her level of communication and dedication has helped me feel comfortable to call her with any queries or issues – which have been quickly dealt with. [...]
Natalie Faulkner -

Thames Teachers

9.6 out of 10
123 Ratings
I've nothing bad to say about the service I've received from Thames Teachers. Everyone on the team is eager to help when they answer the phone. They are personable and treat you like a human being, not a number. [...]
Karlee -

Teachweb Secondary

9.5 out of 10
74 Ratings
I [...]
Ed -

Impact Teachers

9.4 out of 10
120 Ratings
I signed up to Impact Teachers 6 months ago whilst still living in Australia. They explained the visa process thoroughly and helped me with all the questions I had about moving to the UK. Prior to moving I did a few Skype interviews with schools that Impact set up and one of the schools wanted me as a year 3 Teacher. [...]
Crystal Krinks -

Tara Professional Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
86 Ratings
Very professional, and with absolute speed when it comes to finding jobs. Clear information, closeness in the treatment and concern for the welfare of users. Always available to solve any doubt or question that may appear. [...]
J. G -

Veritas Education

9.4 out of 10
51 Ratings
I have recently registered with Veritas Education and I am really happy to work with them. My consultant, Leighton is very supportive, helpful and excellent professional. I would highly recommend this [...]
Katalin Kopasz -
Vibe Teachers

Vibe Teacher Recruitment

9.3 out of 10
142 Ratings
I chose VIBE to enter into supply teaching because of their personable approach and I've been amazed by the level of support they've given me. Also, I am constantly guaranteed work and their teams really take into consideration my area preferences. [...]
Matt Williams -

Vision Teaching

9.0 out of 10
150 Ratings
Great agency! Definitely recommended! I can’t stress enough how helpful they were in assisting with my relocation here. That alone provides immense value. My roomates went with another agency who did not help at all with getting them on their feet when they first came to the UK. [...]
Brandon Romano -

Aspire People

8.9 out of 10
363 Ratings
I have worked for Aspire Agency for two separate periods of time, Emily Kramer my consultant on both occasions has always been super efficient, positive and very friendly. Signing on with the agency was a very quick and easy process. [...]
Kate Jones -

ASQ Education

8.8 out of 10
42 Ratings
I have been working as a supply teacher in London since 01/01/2015. I registered with ASQ before I arrived. I was promised work in the South West of London in which I was told they had "lots of schools. [...]
Nick -

CER Education

8.0 out of 10
196 Ratings
Chris Williams at the Leicester office was incredibly helpful. He organised an interview promptly and was incredibly attentive to my needs/requests. Throughout my time with the agency he ensured that any questions I had were answered quickly and I felt well supported through the work that I was offered. [...]
C Edwards -

Just Teachers

7.8 out of 10
71 Ratings
Great response to any queries. Friendly and helpful staff.
Suzanne -

ITN Mark

7.8 out of 10
68 Ratings
I moved over from Australia to teach in Bristol and ITNMark made it as smooth a transition as they possibly could. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and helpful and I never had a question they couldn't answer or problem they couldn't solve. [...]
Melissa -

Supply Desk

7.7 out of 10
117 Ratings
Just started with Supply Desk - very on the ball with everything. Meghan - very friendly and helpful.
Allison Eversden -

Academic Appointments

7.7 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Registered with quite a few agencies & Academics provided me with lots of work. I was on a long term post and have now got a permanent position with that school. Slightly less pay than some agencies due to umbrella company taking a cut. [...]
Sarah -
Career Teachers

Career Teachers

7.6 out of 10
147 Ratings
I have really enjoyed working with Career Teachers since January. Having worked for two previous agencies in the past, I can say they are the best I have worked with. I've worked closely with Stuart Edge, who has been amazing at finding me work everyday near to where I live. [...]
Tracy -

World Class Teachers

7.5 out of 10
27 Ratings
Great agency with lovely friendly staff and very quick to organise work for you!! Strongly recommended!
Tom -

Apollo Teaching Services

7.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
I have registered with the Reading Branch in March 2017. The registration process was quick and easy and the team has been so helpful since. Thank you and looking forward to many more placements. L
Laura Sampson -

PPA Education

7.2 out of 10
56 Ratings
Went through lots of rigmarole getting signed up with them, getting references etc etc. After ringing for a couple of weeks to find out what was happening I gave up. Never heard from them again. I signed up with another agency. [...]
Guest -

Tradewind Recruitment

7.0 out of 10
103 Ratings
First impression counts they say..I was really impressed with the registration process of Tradewind London. However past this stage, I was gutted on a number of occasions with a number of consultants 2-3. [...]
Frank -

Servoca Education Resourcing

6.8 out of 10
36 Ratings
I have never met a professional lady with an excellent sense of humour like Rene Gordon. I have taught in many schools and colleges in more than six countries including United Kingdom in my vast carrier but Rene is exceptional. [...]
Lawrence Nsubuga -

Classroom Teachers

6.7 out of 10
36 Ratings
Strongly recommended to everyone to start your career in life with Classroom Teachers. The best place I've ever work , great understanding and very helpful team. My life, my career and my job it is now better then any other time in my life, thank to Classrooms Teachers. [...]
Sebastian -

TimePlan Education

6.5 out of 10
112 Ratings
I joined Timeplan Education Group two years ago and I have really enjoyed working with them. They supported me to settle in smoothly and got me into the schools very quickly. Their Recruitment Consultants always check on you to find out if you are comfortable with the school assigned to you. [...]
Kobina Coffie -

Sugarman Recruitment

6.5 out of 10
32 Ratings
I am so glad that I'm working for Sugarman Agency and I really appreciate my consultant Emma for her advice caring and looking after me,also she quickly response when I need to clarify some thing while she keeps in touch with me always, making sure every thing is fine. [...]
Kaumadi Wijesinghe -

Smart Teachers

6.4 out of 10
77 Ratings
Excellent service, really friendly, probing questions so you felt they knew you. Really persistent on your behalf, a really good go-between, particularly Dan Stewart.
Melanie Jane Bankes Mortimer -

Teaching Personnel

5.8 out of 10
218 Ratings
Pat Toft and all the team at Teaching Personnel are a friendly, professional lot. They try hard to match you up to the job you require. Special mention to Pat Toft as he is my main person at Teaching Personnel. [...]
Sue Boardman -

SANZA Teaching

5.8 out of 10
26 Ratings
First impression counts they say..I was really impressed with the registration process of Tradewind. However past this stage, I was gutted on a number of occasions with a number of consultants 2-3. When there is an issue to solves everyone seems to pass the bucket around. [...]
Frank -

Hays Education

5.5 out of 10
66 Ratings
I signed up with Hays about three years ago. The man who interviewed me was very friendly and after signing gave me regular work and mostly pre-booked. Six months into working for Hays this man, who had interviewed me and kept me working, left. [...]
Ian -

Randstad Education

5.4 out of 10
55 Ratings
Stay away from Plymouth Branch they have lost many schools in the area but still promise teachers lots of work. Many schools have dropped them for charging extortinate fees for teachers being offered direct work by schools. [...]
Johnny -

Destination Education

5.4 out of 10
46 Ratings
Have nothing bad to say about the agency! Been working with them for just about a year now. If you're honest with them and tell them when you can work and the age groups you prefer, they will do their best to find you work! I get such lovely schools, and have a few regular ones now which is always great! It's great being able to be so flexible as well. [...]
Hollie -

Synarbor Education

5.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Friendly, professional, having your best interests at heart. My experience is they are up-front and honest; which is a refreshing change. Great to work for.
Andrew Croft -

A Star Teachers

5.4 out of 10
17 Ratings
Fantastic agency, i have been working through them now for over a year and every aspect of there services are exceptional. They are friendly, hard working, honest and always get me exactly what it is i am looking for. [...]
Harry Johnson -

Protocol Education

5.1 out of 10
149 Ratings
They say they will offer work that you prefer but ignore all requests of type and place of work. One good thing about them is they include pay rate with every email.
Sue -