Agency Rankings

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Forward Teaching

10.0 out of 10
30 Ratings
Incredibly happy with Forward Teaching, they have been so welcoming and supportive through my first experience of working in a school. Lottie has always been available to help and guide me. Totally recommend Forward Teaching. [...]
Elizabeth Jimenez -

Redbox Teacher Recruitment

9.8 out of 10
370 Ratings
I would recommend Redbox teacher agency over any other agency if you're a teacher looking for work in East London! I have worked with Redbox since 2012 - 7 years - and as an international teacher, their small team of staff have always been friendly and supportive and have provided me with consistent work either as a day-to-day supply or in long term positions. [...]
Lindsay -

Thames Teachers / Opogo

9.7 out of 10
161 Ratings
Thames teachers is an excellent, reliable and professional agency with very supportive consultants. They have an easy way to get up to date in all aspects through the Opogo app. I met Kim Clark (Consultant) and she has helped me a lot since then, giving me advice and support every time that I need it. [...]
Beatrice -

Hourglass Education

9.7 out of 10
78 Ratings
Hourglass is a highly recommended education agency in the UK. Ed Hyland, the senior consultant @ Hourglass has done an amazing job to find the right school for me. Ed has looked for every possible opportunities for me and worked his socks off to get me-my desired position and the expected salary. [...]
Miz Rahman -
Vibe Teachers

Vibe Teacher Recruitment

9.5 out of 10
241 Ratings
I have been with Vibe for 4 years and I can honestly say that I have never worked for a company that takes such great care of their staff! I feel supported and am confident that if I ever need any advice or have any concerns in my working life someone is always at the other end of the phone to advise and listen to any concerns/questions I may have. [...]
Nadia M'Ribet -

Teachweb Secondary

9.5 out of 10
74 Ratings
I [...]
Ed -

Impact Teachers

9.4 out of 10
138 Ratings
I am incredibly happy with Impact Teachers. They are very professional and accommodating. I am called most days for supply and now interviewing for a long term role in September. I would highly recommend. [...]
Hayley Welsh -

Tara Professional Recruitment

9.4 out of 10
120 Ratings
I like to work with Tara specially with John , he is the most professional, helpful person, he care of people which are working for them, he found me job immediately, in a good school close to my house, always when I need his help he is there for me, any questions I have he answered me immediately , it is very easy to communicate with him. [...]
Vasilica Ciocan -

Veritas Education

9.2 out of 10
119 Ratings
I have worked with Jason for 4 months. He secured me a long term contract. He is good in communicating, very reliable. Keep it up Jason.
Lily -

GSL Education

9.1 out of 10
37 Ratings
A really nice, supportive agency. A huge thank you to Ryan who found me a settled two-days-a-week position at an excellent rate of pay. Ryan also listened really carefully to any moans l had about less agreeable schools and l always felt supported and listened to. [...]
Amanda Bush -

Vision Teaching

9.0 out of 10
157 Ratings
I would highly recommend Vision teaching to family and friends looking for classroom roles! A genuine agency with knowledgeable staff members that are efficient and professional.
Mary -

Aspire People

8.9 out of 10
365 Ratings
Amanda Afzal is an amazing recruitment consultant. She is easy to approach, down to earth and really takes your circumstances into account when finding potential jobs. I would recommend her to any potential teacher/ cover supervisor looking for work in the education industry. [...]
Mr Irfan Gadiali -

ASQ Education

8.8 out of 10
43 Ratings
Working with ASQ with Jessica has been a pleasure, great service, dependable and reliable. My first time finding work through an agency and I do not feel let down, everything explained well all steps taken correctly and their for support if needed and not interfering at all. [...]
Ben Laryea -

Just Teachers

8.1 out of 10
83 Ratings
Great team: amazing people! Just Teachers are just fabulous! I am registered with 2 other agencies but they are the best by far and the only one I would recommend.
Aida D. -

CER Education

8.0 out of 10
219 Ratings
I have recently rejoined capita and find them absolutely brilliant. Daisy and the team are in touch regularly and are very compassionate caring people. Due to suffering from anxiety they try to ensure I know about work more in advance or if the work is on the day they make sure I don't panic about arranging things. [...]
Susi Burnham -

Supply Desk

7.9 out of 10
134 Ratings
Having used Supply Desk as a DHT they were top of my list for job seeking when I retired. I have had constant Tutoring opportunities since. My “ Handler” RW has looked after my interests and preferences in a sensitive and understanding way. [...]
Dave Cordery -

ITN Mark

7.8 out of 10
75 Ratings
I have been working for ITN Mark on Fridays since December and have been to both schools and nurseries. Eamon is always very helpful, positive, friendly and keen to find work for me! He’s always keeping me updated with possible work opportunities and feedback from past placements. [...]
Serena -

World Class Teachers

7.7 out of 10
30 Ratings
A great Teaching agency. Very effective with a friendly and professional approach. I definitely recommend it as they have been great with me from the beginning. I was particularly impressed with how easy it was to get in touch with them and how fast they found me a suitable school. [...]
Juan Carlos -

Academic Appointments

7.7 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Registered with quite a few agencies & Academics provided me with lots of work. I was on a long term post and have now got a permanent position with that school. Slightly less pay than some agencies due to umbrella company taking a cut. [...]
Sarah -
Career Teachers

Career Teachers

7.5 out of 10
156 Ratings
Careerteachers is very good agency to work for they always make you feel welcome. They have a range of Training courses that you can chose from which is very well organised and presented to help with CPD. [...]
Beverley Cousins -

PPA Education

7.3 out of 10
55 Ratings
PPA Education Limited is a very excellent Teaching or Education agency that offers brilliant high quality services with a high level of customer care or support. PPA Education Limited helped me in my time of need and the assignments or work I was given really sustained me and eventually led to the full time or permanent employment that I enjoy now. [...]
Emeka -

Apollo Teaching Services

7.1 out of 10
20 Ratings
This agency is a total waste of time, I have had no work whatsoever and no communication offering me work since I signed up last summer, one guy sent me an email to say he was actively sending out my cv to only 3 schools in my area, and the recruitment lady never responded to my last email enquiry. [...]
Philip Johnston -

Tradewind Recruitment

7.0 out of 10
109 Ratings
Poor service so far from the Hull team. Told me a school wanted to me with possibility of a role. I rang them asked them to return my call, no response. When they made the initial call they encouraged me to leave my current post ready for this new role! Lucky I didn’t! Very poor service, not very professional at all so far. [...]
Roxanne Darker -

Classroom Teachers

6.9 out of 10
38 Ratings
I have been with Classroom teachers for the past three years. I must say it is the best agency I have ever worked with. Especially my consultant , Amba, goes extra mile to help . As a SEN Home Tutor , it is very difficult to find work as it is so limited and "niche" and not other agencies deal with vacancies as such, but Classroom , is one of the best agencies to deal with this kind of work. [...]
Joanna Ragoussi-Hart -

Servoca Education Resourcing

6.8 out of 10
41 Ratings
Stay clear of this agency! The primary consultant girl got me to register for a 'job' that didn't end up existing. She was then rude and very disrespectful when I caught her out on the lie. The worst consultant i have worked with. [...]
Anonymous -

TimePlan Education

6.5 out of 10
116 Ratings
I am currently a supply placement teacher at Thurso High School through Timeplan. As I write this we are approaching the mid-term break. I have settled into Thurso H.S., and am preparing for the second half of the spring term. [...]
Shimon de Valencia -

Smart Teachers

6.4 out of 10
80 Ratings
I write this review because I want you to know that recruiters from So Smart can be very rude and disrespectful. I am experienced and qualified, so I applied. You will agree that So Smart have a very powerful marketing: "An agency by teachers, for teachers". [...]
Patrick Wauters -

Teaching Personnel

6.3 out of 10
239 Ratings
Absolutely amazing . Nicola Zack and Lieza are the best and find you what you need . I would go the extra mile for TP as they have done for me . Really supportive and helpful and worked around the flexibility I needed when working in IT and also teaching development . [...]
Arif Pirbhai -

Sugarman Recruitment

6.3 out of 10
36 Ratings
First time in my life I’m asking agency for my money. I’m working with them 4th week and I still don’t have money for first week!!! This is joke. I’m gonna report them!!! Of course empty promises [...]
Karolina Zemla -

SANZA Teaching

6.1 out of 10
30 Ratings
Bad agency to work for. The staff do not have the ability to lease with Teachers in a competent and professional manner. They are only focused on looking after their own interests. They make no effort to ensure that all those who are registered with them or their partner company Tradewind are working. [...]
Pat -

Destination Education

5.6 out of 10
56 Ratings
I have been waiting for about 2 months for my DBS, they emailed to say they have received it & it should come in paper form over 1 week now. When contacted them to say this isn’t the case there has been radio silence since then. [...]
Daniesh West -

Protocol Education

5.5 out of 10
146 Ratings
My recruitment agent Amy Quaranta provided excellent and professional service at all times. She provided speedy responses to any enquires or issues related to the workforce In a honest, kind, fair understanding and proactive manner. [...]
David -

Hays Education

5.5 out of 10
66 Ratings
Worst agency to work with! Do not work with this agency, you are better off with Redbox/Vision. (Daily rates are better and the staff are amazing.) I have worked with HAYS for 4 years and the first 2 years were amazing, Adriana was my consultant and she left I was then given XXX The management is poor. [...]
Tasnim -

Randstad Education

5.4 out of 10
56 Ratings
I am delighted I joined Randstad education Crawley Branch I am always dealt with by helpful and enthusiastic staff. They are really appreciative of my other duties as a carer, and happily make way for that. [...]
Jacqui Weller -

Synarbor Education

5.4 out of 10
19 Ratings
Fantastic agency. Friendly, professional, having your best interests at heart. My experience is they are up-front and honest; which is a refreshing change. Great to work for.
Andrew Croft -

A Star Teachers

5.3 out of 10
17 Ratings
A real waste of time and a group of liars. No work at all no matter the degrees or the experience. Definitely not recommended.
Miky -

Remedy Recruitment Group

5.0 out of 10
18 Ratings
Great and effective teaching agency. My consultant is Natalie Abel.She is professional ,friendly and great to work with. Natalie offered me the job I really like and enjoy.Thank you Natalie.
Joanna Kujawska -