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RMTA is a unique website where agencies and schools can directly attract supply teachers and teaching assistants.

The success of RMTA relates directly to its niche demographic, supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants from the UK and from Overseas search for the ‘best teaching agencies’ on Google’s search engine, RMTA rates highly and therefore a huge number of potential candidates will see your agency.

To add a new agency or to update an existing agency on RMTA, please fill in the form below. Please note that there is a charge for this. Potential candidates can see your contact details, key information about your agency & most importantly a direct link to your website for just £30 per month.

Until you have 15 ratings, your agency will be listed in the A-Z of agencies.  When your rating count reaches 15 you will be listed on the Agency Rankings page too.



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Add your agency's information, direct link to your website and contact details on the Agency rankings page. This allows potential candidates to find out more about you and to quickly make contact with your agency without leaving the page. £20 per month.

Payment is by PayPal Subscriptions. You will be directed to PayPal upon submission.

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