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Overall Rating

9.1 out of 10
based on 24 Ratings

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9.7 out of 10 Rujina Khanum · Reviewed on
I have been with Educate Staffing for almost a year now. My consultant Belle has been fantastic. She always asks me what I’m exactly looking for and follows up how things go for me at my placement and keeps in touch. A very good agency.
Amount of work10
Rate of pay9
Quality of schools9
Overall Service10
1.0 out of 10 Laura · Reviewed on
This company has been sending me spam emails for over a year to someone named "Benita." I am not a teacher and have never had anything to do with them. I have asked them repeatedly to stop spamming me and they will not.
Amount of work1
Rate of pay1
Quality of schools1
Overall Service1
8.4 out of 10 J. Bigson · Reviewed on
Albert Buffoni at Educate Staffing has been extremely helpful over the few months I have been with the agency. Having come away from work for a long time due to illness I could not have gone through the daunting registration process without the untiring support I got from Albert. I have had an excellent experience and Albert has been very professional, friendly, and positive, and wanted the most suitable role for me. I really can’t speak highly enough of him. Albert made everything look easy; he kept my best interest in mind, and I can only be thankful for his support and professionalism in handling my matter. I highly recommend Educate Staffing Agency to Teachers and TAs, especially those with a soft spot for SEN students.
Amount of work8
Rate of pay8
Quality of schools8
Overall Service9
10.0 out of 10 Deborah Tyzack · Reviewed on
I would like to thank Tom Andrews,Paul and Belle for helping me to get back into employment. They have all been professional in the way they have listened to my needs and have delivered very quickly. I would recommend my friends to this agency .
Amount of work10
Rate of pay10
Quality of schools10
Overall Service10
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