Place The Right People In The Right Role
There are two types of recruitment agency in this world:
  • Type One – Ones who care about hitting placement targets.
  • Type Two – Ones who care about people.
Type One: To the first, the priority is turnover. They want the most amount of people into the most amount of jobs they can to maximise consultancy fees but this mercurial nature leads them to headhunting specific roles for companies with traditionally high turnover themselves, with traditionally slacker recruitment procedures.
These companies are machines and want you in the door as quickly as possible and into placement as quickly as possible. To achieve this, they sacrifice customer service and career support.
Type Two: The second type of recruiter – often independent, as opposed to a nationwide chain – tends to specialise in a specific sector or selection of sectors and will limit activities to a set area.  This recruiter invests time in fostering strong relationships with businesses within their region.
As their flow of roles into the business is much less than a large chain firm, independents target priority placements with growing firms in specialised sectors. These roles can often be high value roles, which require a generally higher, more specialised source of candidates. 
It’s for this reason that companies value recruiters who specialise in their sector as much as the recruiters need the clients themselves for business. Therefore, the first and foremost thing that a good recruiter does is recruit the right people with corresponding skills and personality that fits the business
It sounds simple, a good recruiter recruits the right people but it’s a vitally important part for you as a jobseeker. You can sign up with a recruitment agency and if all they’re interested in is turning numbers, they will push you in for jobs you’re not suited for and not take the time to get to know your needs and career ambitions.
This is far from helpful, as you could find yourself being interviewed for a role you’re not suited for, miss out on it, take a knock to your confidence and fall into that cycle we don’t want to be in. However, if you get the role, this can be bad or worse! Picture yourself stuck in a full-time job you don’t want to do and finding your day miserable and you’ll have some idea why this isn’t helpful.
A good recruiter is the recruiter who doesn’t do this. A good recruiter is the one who places the right people in the right job – not just for the company, but for the candidate too. 

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