How does a supply teacher choose which agency to register with? These points show the importance of providing support, excellent communication, great pay and having enough work to offer your teachers. Through RMTA we show those seeking to find an efficient and reliable agency where to find you.

– Recommendations/word of mouth
– Local school information (who they use)
– Agency area of supply (Boroughs)
– Telephone agency’s and ask where they cover, how much work they can expect and how much they will be paid per day
– Google search – top rated agency

If you choose to have a Premium Subscription with Rate My Teaching Agency some of these points are already covered. Word of mouth are our reviews and ratings, you have contact details and direct links to your agency, and RMTA is always on the front page when teachers Google ‘Best Supply Agency’.
Teachers feel that they are making an informed choice when choosing an agency that has a presence on RMTA.
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