Why Should You Use Our Services?

  • Our Leadership
    Arrive Homes is a leading provider of shared accommodation for teachers and other professionals alike living in London.
  • Our Unbeaten Standards
    Our standards for affordable, clean and modern living are unbeaten, and no other agency or organization will offer you short and flexible lettings with fully furnished, spacious living, and locations that make it easy for commuting to work and for experiencing the sights of London.
  • Our Commitment to Quality
    Arrive Homes has built a solid reputation for its commitment to quality service and standards for shared accommodation. We have working partnerships with many of the leading teacher recruitment agencies in London, and we recently have opened our doors to other professionals.
  • Our Great London Locations
    Our homes are located across popular London areas, and are desirable for working professionals wanting their living and lifestyle to include quick transport to the city centre, many local stores and markets to choose from, and nearby shopping for all your amenities – all within walking distance to a tube station.

We help you do as our name suggests – Arrive Home

  • Avoid those commonly experienced mishaps, costly pitfalls, and frustrations that can come with relocating to a new place. We make the process of moving and adapting to a new life and way of living easier, more convenient with fully furnished rooms, shorter let agreements with bills included, as well as spacious and clean living standards.
  • Our rooms for rent are in high demand and are not available for long. If you see a place on our availability listings that you like, contact us now! Our friendly and dedicated team of staff is available to answer any questions you might have about what we can offer that would suit your accommodation needs.

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