You can reap many benefits by becoming a supply teacher, for instance, you can pick and choose your assignments, choose to work on certain days, choose the area you wish to work in, leave the school once the marking has been done and gain valuable experience by teaching in various schools that have different and exciting approaches. There are many positives to becoming a supply teacher, above all it offers you freedom and flexibility.

RMTA have contacted a number of agencies to gain an understanding of the current supply teaching market and here are a few things we have learnt; The government has considerably cut school budgets and this has had an impact on the amount of supply work available, however, schools will always need supply teachers and teaching assistants for daily supply but if you want to guarantee yourself five days a week throughout the academic year you may have to consider a long term or permanent position as there is still an abundance of opportunities in the market place.

Take advantage of RMTA’s list of agencies and reviews to secure yourself a good agency.  If the agency offers a guaranteed pay scheme it should be for five days per week (there are certain times of the year that agencies cannot offer the scheme and you should be notified of this), do not be harassed into accepting an assignment and always ask what your net pay is likely to be after deductions.

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