RMTA Launches with 2011

| January 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

We are happy to announce the official launch of Rate My Teaching Agency! After weeks of development, RMTA is ready to start hearing your agency ratings and reviews. The goal of this site is to connect teachers via an online social platform so that they can share their experiences with teaching agencies in the UK.

Especially for new teachers, deciding on an agency can be a daunting and crucial decision. Finding an agency that meets your needs can play a big part in your overall employment satisfaction. By taking part in the discussion at RMTA, you are more likely to find a suitable agency and not be blind-sided by some of the surprises that exist in line of work.

RMTA can also help agencies. Many new teachers are using the internet to get the scoop on what options are available to them. By being listed on this site, teaching agencies have the ability to make themselves more visible to prospective teachers. The reviews on this site also give agencies a chance to have their teachers broadcast their qualities while also being able see where they can improve.


The success of RMTA and its ability to help other teachers make conscious agency decisions depends on its users. If you know a UK teacher or prospective teachers, please feel free to share RMTA with them. You can also share us on Facebook and Twitter by using the Share/Save button below. We look forward to seeing your ratings and reviews!

Happy New Year!

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