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Rate My Teaching Agency is happy to present our featured interview with Redbox Teachers. This highly-rated agency has been one of the most active on RMTA. Now let’s meet and get to know a bit more about this primary-focused agency:

Why don’t we start by finding out a little bit about Redbox and its history?

Redbox was founded in 2009 by Sue Bedford & Cary Morgan. Sue had worked in teacher recruitment for over 14 years but after a serious illness in 2008 whilst taking time out Sue and Cary decided to form their own agency working solely with primary schools.


There are many teaching agencies out there. What sets Redbox apart from the rest?

  • We aim to treat our Teachers and Teaching Assistants with the respect they deserve and do our best to make your time working with us enjoyable. You represent us but we work for you!
  • We only work with schools across London so you won’t be spending hours traveling. We send school directions to you via text message but are always available on the phone if you are having difficulty.
  • We are one of the only agencies in the marketplace that is dedicated to the mainstream primary sector.
  • We are one of the highest paying Teaching Agencies in London and always pay you on time. We believe that if you want the best you have to pay well for the privilege.
  • We offer a personal friendly service and will always deal with any queries or concerns as quickly as possible. In short “We Care”. Our reviews speak for themselves.

RMTA has visitors from all over the world. Does Redbox provide any transition services to help teachers make the move from overseas?

  • We work closely with a company offering good quality, affordable accommodation in London which is run by Teachers for Teachers and Teaching Assistants.
  • We also work with a small number of Umbrella Companies that offer excellent tax efficient pay for teachers that are currently working in the UK or have yet to work here.

One of the many questions we receive from teachers is related to available supply work. What does Redbox do to ensure their supply teachers receive work?

We are a very busy agency that has a reputation for providing the best Supply Teachers and Teaching Assistants. We offer you flexibility and are happy to accommodate you if you want 1 day per week or 5, day to day, long term supply or a permanent placement. Redbox will work with our schools to help overseas trained teachers gain QTS in the UK.


Can overseas teachers meet with a Redbox representative before coming to the U.K.?

Redbox does not have an overseas branch. Therefore we urge anyone from overseas, Teachers and Teaching Assistants, interested in coming to the UK for work to contact us several weeks prior to leaving for London for advice and information. This will allow us to introduce ourselves, assess your requirements and be sure you make the most of your stay financially and that you achieve job satisfaction.
The most important things to do before coming to the UK are:

  • Contact us and we will help you enroll with your payroll company from your country of origin.  This will give you clarity of potential take home pay and give you peace of mind.
  • Arrange your Country of Origin Police Check
  • Arrange your referees – make sure they have agreed to deal with any references with a sense of urgency and that they have and use their business/professional email addresses or fax numbers. We can request references prior to your arrival so that after your interview we can get you working as soon as possible.

What does a typical day look like for a teacher working with Redbox?

A typical day varies from school to school. We do however work with fantastic schools in London who are happy for you to spend the whole day in a class or various classes. This gives newly arrived teachers a good insight into what you can expect when teaching in a primary school in London.

Things to Remember:

  • Our schools expect you to be on the premises by 8.15 if you have been pre-booked
  • Always be prepared – schools can change your agreed year group
  • Always be positive about your supply day
  • Always mark the work
  • Do not be the first out of the door
  • Make sure the classroom is left tidy
  • Do not get involved with internal politics. Deliver your best performance everyday and you are likely to be requested back again and again.

Please meet the Redbox team below:

We would like to thank Red Box for their participation and hope you have gained a better understanding of what they have to offer as an agency.

Please note: This is a paid advertorial. The views within this blog post are for information only and are not to be considered those of RMTA.

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  1. Matt says:

    Last year I joined a few supply agencies as I wanted to keep my options open and get as much work as possible. Some agencies pay differs from school to school, I was often sent miles away, some days traveling up to 2 hours (always arriving late as I would get a call around 8am) and it always seemed to be my fault that I rocked up late even though the agency knew where I lived and how long it would take!!

    I was referred to Red Box by a teacher I met and liked what I heard so decided to give them ago. I definitely don’t need to work with any other agencies anymore, Red Box always have work for me. They are consistent with my pay, are mindful of where I live and are efficient with my bookings. I highly recommend Red Box and rate them 10 stars!

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