So, this is what the UK’s Education System can expect from the main political parties if  you can believe anything they pledge and anything you read in the newspapers!


Conservatives: The Tories have already pledged billions extra for schools as part of their boost to public spending.

Labour: Labour, too, would plough billions extra into the education system. The party would not open any new academies and would make it possible to return existing academies to local authority control. The party has also pledged a cradle-to-grave National Education Service, which would include six years of adult education for all citizens.

The party will also scrap SAT tests and introduce free school meals for all primary school pupils. At its annual conference, Labour members voted to abolish private schools, although the actual manifesto pledge is expected to be watered down significantly.

Labour also plans to provide 30 hours of free childcare each week to every child aged two to four, and spend £6bn on a new adult education system.

Liberal Democrats: The party will give every adult a “skills wallet” worth £10,000 but broken up into three payments decades apart,  to spend on education and training of their choice.

The Lib Dems would also give working parents 35 hours a week of free childcare from the day their baby turns nine months old.

So there you go, let us see what actually happens when the time comes!


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