The creation of Laurence Moore Teaching:


Back in September 2018 I was approaching the birth of my first child which meant maternity leave! At this point I started thinking about my return to work and how this might pan out. At the time I was working as a full time PE specialist in a Primary School based in The City of London and the commute was on average one-hour door to door.  I knew I didn’t want to return to the same school with that commute but if I wanted the best type of maternity pay, I would need to return for a block of work at some point. After chatting to HR, they decided the best option would be for me to return to work for the last half term of the same academic year and then the summer holidays would also count towards my notice.  I left my daughter with family members for 8 weeks of full-time work, which even though it was hard I knew it would be worth it if I could work closer to home.

During this time, I started looking for part time work locally to me, Enfield.  I had a few interviews but unfortunately not quite successful, then a colleague of mine suggested I start my own supply agency so I could supply to local schools on the days that suited me. This was the best advice I could have been given and Laurence Moore Teaching (LM Teaching) was born.

The company was first created in September 2019, with the help of friends, family members and a very helpful colleague who also ran his own small supply business. I had to do lots of promoting to start with and it took at least 6 weeks for me to get my first booking, then the bookings became quite regular for myself.  After a while a few other teachers I knew approached me to see if I could find them local supply work, slowly the company has grown and I now find work in local schools for a small number of teachers. I do now tend to get requests due to the great name we have already established in the first year of running, for specific types of cover and teachers. My target this year is to recruit a few more outstanding teachers and provide them work. I am also expecting baby number 2 in January therefore unable to place myself in schools, but a very exciting time.

Katy Laurence, Laurence Moore Teaching.

Katy Laurence, 07773 873066

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