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5.2 out of 10
2 Ratings

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Overall Rating

5.2 out of 10
based on 2 Ratings

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9.4 out of 10 Anonymous · Reviewed on
Since I came from Spain to the UK, Supreme Education has been the only agency who wanted to help me. I'm too glad to work with them, because they are very honest and want to give as much work as possible. The schools they send me to are really nice and they have a really good rate of pay as well. I can only be grateful for the attention and trust they have in me.
Amount of work8
Rate of pay10
Quality of schools8
Overall Service10
1.0 out of 10 Timberwolf · Reviewed on
Signed with this agency in 2010. They then only phoned me a year later to see if I wanted to stay on their books. No work of any description and no contact. B/pool education say they are proud to have them which is just about on par with that town anyway. Even though they are working for BCC they do not pay to rate. The staff change as often as I change socks an utter and total waste of space. Highly unprofessional.
Amount of work1
Rate of pay1
Quality of schools1
Overall Service1

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