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6.6 out of 10
3 Ratings

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Overall Rating

6.6 out of 10
based on 3 Ratings

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9.0 out of 10 Dramarama · Reviewed on
Lovely people - they found me a job (in quite a niche subject) the very next day after I'd registered with them, and in a top independent school. They phone/e-mail regularly to ensure you are okay. They don't necessarily always have work for your subject, but seem to make a really decent effort to find you work.
Amount of work8
Rate of pay8
Quality of schools10
Overall Service9
9.9 out of 10 C Summers · Reviewed on
I saw the previous review and thought I should give a point of view from a positive side of things! Great agency for Independent Schools jobs. Work with many London prep and senior schools for long term and permanent work. Friendly team and you know which consultant you need to be dealing with and they stick to this. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for this type of thing. Not sure on the experience from the previous review, but I can say that recently I would consider their service to be very good!
Amount of work9
Rate of pay10
Quality of schools10
Overall Service10
1.0 out of 10 Anon. · Reviewed on
Connaught is simply a joke as an agency. They have no understanding of the regulations and rules for Overseas Trained Teachers and I found myself having to forward them by email the TDS website information. I had a registration interview with Connaught and was missing one item of documentation which I had to get from overseas. When it arrived and I contacted Connaught that I was able to bring it by the office, I was told that I "didn't need to bother" to complete registration. Shockingly rude. In the months following, I would occasionally get phone calls (even though I wasn't fully registered with them) about positions. The last time I dealt with them was for a position teaching a subject at A Levels. I enquired as to which aspect of the subject was required (this subject has 3 types of A Level). The woman I spoke with quite literally yelled down the phone that I "didn't know why {I was} talking about" and "obviously had no idea about the National Curriculum" and then when I tried to politely engage her in conversation, she hung up on me. I shortly thereafter emailed her the N.C. references about the types of A Levels for the subject. And emailed the director asking to be removed from their database. It took more than one email for that to happen. I was never treated like an intelligent, educated, person by Connaught. Which is quite unfortunate as they seem to work with a lot of schools which I would be interested to work in.
Amount of work1
Rate of pay1
Quality of schools1
Overall Service1

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