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8.8 out of 10
43 Ratings

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Overall Rating

8.8 out of 10
based on 43 Ratings

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9.3 out of 10 Sarah · Reviewed on
After being terrified about doing daily supply I joined 5 agencies but only worked with ASQ. They listened to exactly what work I wanted and allowed me to start slowly so I could gain confidence. After a month I was working full-time in great schools, one of which ended up in a job. Would definitely recommend this agency and their social events are a lot of fun too!!
Amount of work9
Rate of pay9
Quality of schools9
Overall Service9
9.7 out of 10 DO'C · Reviewed on
I was in contact with various agencies before deciding to go with ASQ, I felt there was a genuine and friendly professional approach from the consultants. There was no fee for the CRB which is a real plus when your waiting to start work! Overall after a year never had one complaint or felt the need to change. Any reservations I had about work/certain jobs was listened and responded too. Throw really good social evenings too! would definitely would recommend to friends..
Amount of work9
Rate of pay9
Quality of schools10
Overall Service10
1.9 out of 10 Albertdog · Reviewed on
I joined this agency over a year ago and, so far, they have found me no work whatsoever. They have this really strange scheme whereby you go to a pre-arranged location in London (outside Hammersmith tube station, for example) and wait for ASQ to phone you with a job within walking distance. This is useless, as you end up spending money on fares for nothing. When you phone them in the morning, all you get is Vaughn William's 'Sea Symphony'.
Amount of work1
Rate of pay3
Quality of schools1
Overall Service1
8.9 out of 10 Anonymous · Reviewed on
ASQ is by far my favourite agency. They are very personable and unlike many other agencies they remember who you are and will not keep asking where you're based.When i joined them I was warned from the start that there wouldn't be much work during Sept. and Oct but it would get better towards December. They were right and I really appreciated their honesty. Richard helped me when I was trying to decide whether to take a job with different agency. He wasn't trying to discourage me from taking it even though it would mean not working for ASQ for a while. I trust him 100%. People working for ASQ are lovely and show genuine interest in what you expect from them. Thanks to ASQ I have had a chance to teach in many wonderful schools and if there were schools I didn't particularly enjoy teaching in, they would never send me there again!
Amount of work7
Rate of pay8
Quality of schools9
Overall Service9
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