Moving 2 London?

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Moving2London is a source for everything you need to know about moving to the big city. From visas to banking and finding a job, Moving2London has it all. Belle shares with RMTA how the site came to be and how it can help new teachers like you! is a website that Nick and I put together after living in London for two years. When we first arrived in the UK we really had no idea what we were doing. We were young, we had never really lived out of home before, and all of a sudden we were in this huge city trying to find our feet. We spent a lot of time making mistakes, researching, learning, discovering things and meeting cool people – all of this now makes up

You’ll find videos and information about everything to do with moving to London. Accommodation, JobsBank accounts, and Living in London. We’ve got some ‘on the ground’ bloggers who are sharing their real life experience as and when they happen.

Rate my Teaching Agency is a fantastic resource for new teachers in London. We’re glad to team up with the guys at RMTA as they have developed a fantastic, useful resource that hasn’t existed before now.

It’s good to know there are people out there willing to help. If you’re moving to London to live, sites like moving2london and are priceless when it comes to the information they share.

Have a question about moving to and living in London, we’ve certainly got it covered. Stop by and learn all there is to know about living in London.


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