Introducing Thames Teachers

| June 6, 2014

 Thames Teachers

RMTA is happy to present this featured article on Thames Teachers, a top-rank agency!

Let’s start by explaining our recent name change and re-brand to Thames Teachers. Thames Teachers was previously known as AER Teachers. The original name was derived from a sister company of ours but since we prefer a fresh and lively approach to things, and after three years of repeating the letters ‘A E R’ we decided it was time for something simpler, easier to remember and most importantly something London based that we can all relate to. We’re still the exact same team and agency, just one with an easier and more relevant name to remember!


Thames Teachers started four years ago as a small yet determined agency initially focusing on long term placements. The past three years has seen steady and very exciting expansion into daily, long term and permanent recruitment. We have established divisions that are able to provide a truly consultative experience for both schools and candidates.


We have a high success rate in placing Overseas trained Teachers and Support staff into London Schools. We may not have fancy offices in every country but we certainly offer support and guidance before your UK arrival. You cannot buy experience after all!

Once you register your interest in Thames Teachers we will guide you all the way and advise you on how to prepare for your arrival, including:

• Police Checks from your current country of residence
• DBS Checking (UK Police Check)
• Reference Checking prior to arrival
• CV Guidance – gearing your CV towards UK job applications
• Assistance with finding accommodation in London
• Assist you with your Qualified Teacher Status applications.


We cover all areas of School recruitment needs and are able to do so effectively due to the expertise of our committed team members. Thames Teachers is run by two ex-teachers and all of our consultants have previous experience working in London Schools.

Together with our experience and strong networks with local education organisations we are able to provide an outstanding and personable service. Thames Teachers has a fun yet professional team of consultants running three divisions: Primary, Secondary and Support Staff. Our Support Team also includes School Admin Staff. Thames Teachers has a very strong presence in both mainstream and SEN Schools.

We have all been there and done the job that we now recruit you to do. You can therefore be assured that we understand that demands and stresses of working in schools and we’re here to help you through this. We value the contributions that you can add to our team and in exchange you will receive an efficient and caring service whilst being paid the highest rates in London.

Our recruiters from across the globe have lived and worked in London and are able to guide you through every aspect of your move to London.

We guarantee a service that includes a thorough CV analysis with guidance on how to secure the ideal role for your career to flourish as well as regular CPD sessions.


See the team in action:

Thames Teachers Team

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