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Clock_Red_SRMTA is excited to present the below interview with TimePlan Education. This marks the beginning of what we hope to be an ongoing series of interviews with UK teaching agencies, meant to give our visitors an exclusive and informative agency experience. It is fitting that our first interview is with the UK’s first teaching agency. So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to TimePlan:

1) Why don’t we start by finding out a little bit about TimePlan and its history?

TimePlan Education was the FIRST ever teaching Recruitment Company in the UK. It was started in 1989 by our three directors and was borne out of the frustrations towards the Local Education Authorities at not meeting the demands of UK schools for suitable qualified teachers. The first teacher we placed was an Australian and we have developed a proud history of bringing thousands of education professionals from around the world to UK schools.

2) There are many teaching agencies out there. What sets TimePlan apart from the rest?

You will not receive a more comprehensive and personal service from anyone else. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours of registration and will work with you right the way through the process – we can even provide you with somewhere to live in the UK! Many of our coordinators are overseas trained teachers themselves and have made the journey to teach in the UK and are now helping others do the same.

Additionally we have offices around the UK, meaning you could be living and working in busy London, the sleepy countryside, the Highlands of Scotland or a beautiful seaside town.

timeplan23) RMTA has visitors from all over the world. Does TimePlan provide any transition services to help teachers make the move from overseas?

TimePlan will help you through the entire process from first contact to your first day at school (and beyond). Not only are we always on hand with visa and travel advice, but some of our offices will pick you up from the airport and even have dedicated housing. Every overseas teacher will be invited to a comprehensive induction day where you will learn everything you need to know about the UK curriculum and of course there are our famous regular socials which help you make friends with other teachers. What more could you ask for?

4) One of the many questions we receive from teachers is related to available supply work. What does Time Plan do to ensure their supply teachers receive work?

TimePlan runs a very popular Guaranteed Work Scheme which, as the name suggests, guarantees our teacher’s regular work. If we don’t find you a day’s supply work, we still pay you – it’s a simple as that!

Many of our teachers find this a great first step to teaching in the UK as it guarantees them an income without tying them down to one school. Many of these teachers end up in long-term contracts as the variety of teaching experiences it provides allows teachers to find their ideal schools and teaching jobs.

5) Can overseas teachers meet with a TimePlan representative before coming to the U.K.?

TimePlan regularly conducts face-to-face interviews around the world, from Poland to Australia and Canada to South Africa. We bring with us unique opportunities to attend interviews with UK heads for real vacancies, right in your back yard. Additionally, our TimePlan representatives are constantly interviewing, holding information sessions, hosting socials and doing the rounds at university fairs all over the world.

6) What does a typical day look like for a teacher working with Time Plan?

Maybe the best person to ask would be one of our teachers, Mark Doucette. Mark is one of over 200 overseas trained teachers who came to teach in the UK through TimePlan this September. Mark has recently written us a ‘Day in the life of a supply teacher’ for the Teacher Profiles section of our website. You can read it here.

7) What advice would you give to teachers thinking about teaching in the U.K.?

science lessonChoose your agency very carefully, and remember that if something looks too good to be true, then it probably is. The larger, better established agencies are likely to have extremely effective, tried-and-tested recruitment processes that can deliver you a personal service and will have a wide range of schools and locations to suit your specific requirements. For almost 25 years, TimePlan Education has helped over 75,000 teachers from around the world find their perfect teaching job in the UK – our history and experience speaks for itself.

We would like to thank TimePlan for their participation and hope you have gained a better understanding of what they have to offer as an agency.

Please note: This is a paid advertorial. The views within this blog post are for information only and are not to be considered those of RMTA.

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